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In the event of a homicide cleanup, certain technical matters must be met. The crime scene cleaning company handling the homicide must have proper training and technical experience but also must have the needed licensing in each state and have the required ability to dispose of the waste removed from the property.

In the even of a homicide, many times their is large amounts of blood and seepage that may occur on the property. States will by law require proper certification to show that you as a cleaning company have the knowledge of how to deal with blood borne pathogens as well as viruses such as HIV or Hepatitis. Most of the time a crime scene clean up service will use full hazmat gear in these situations to limit exposure to these possible hazardous illnesses. They will also prepare a plan to evaluate the property and determine what methods should be met to make sure the property is fully cleaned and is safe of any disease or possible illnesses that can come from the remains of the homicide.

It is important to make sure that the company you work with for your homicide clean up job, has the needed experience and ability to complete the task at hand. You will want the first company to come in to be the company that can complete the job from beginning to end. The crime scene clean up industry is plagued with start up companies that do not complete jobs due to coming in unprepared.

The work done for a homicide cleanup is similar to a suicide or any other death cleanup where there is blood present or other hazards. However in the work of a homicide cleanup we coordinate with law enforcement to make sure the crime scene has been released and to help understand the events of the homicide and what transpired so that our cleaners have a good overall understand of how many rooms may of been affected even if just in a small way. We also work in a homicide clean up where if a CSI investigation takes place then we must also cleanup fingerprint dust. Sometimes the assailant was in the home at the time of the police arriving and the police may of used tear gas on the home to prevent the assailant from eluding capture and arrest. In any case by working with the police we can a better understanding of the depth of the homicide cleanup.

Beyond these elements the blood cleanup of the homicide scene must be carefully cleaned or removed. The sub-flooring, ceiling, and walls must be carefully screened to make sure no blood splatter is present. The blood can be biohazardous and therefore the cleaners sanitize and fully decontaminate any affected areas.

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Crime Scene Cleanup

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This article was published on 2011/07/04