The Filming of Transformers 2

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Transformers 2 is one of the most highly anticipated movies in the history of filmmaking. Numerous fans of Transformers all of the world are waiting for the scheduled release in June in UK and US. The reason of such high levels of anticipation is the success of Transformers 2007 movie. Transformers 2007 was highly successful in captivating the audiences leaving them craving to see more.

This craving was the cause that a sequel was announced. Director and executive producer Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg began to work for the making of the sequel, which was hurdled due to the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike. Anyhow, the filming began in May 2008 with an allocated budget of $200 million.

The filming began in Los Angeles, California. Most of the interior scenes were shot at Hughes Aircraft sound stages at Playa Vista. Different scene sequences of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen were shot as per convenience. After the first scenes shot in California, 3 days were spent to shoot action scenes at Bethlehem Steel.

Various locations around the world have been used to shoot different scene sequences. To show portions of Shanghai, some scenes were shot at Pennsylvania. The different filming locations include Tuscon International Airport, Giza Pyramid Complex, Luxor, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Concorde in Paris, with the climax scene shot at the Pyramids in Egypt. It is regarded as the most important scene of the whole movie.

Other than locations, the filming of the movie also includes the techniques, story line, characterisation, special effects, and music. To enhance the effect of the scenes, IMAX cameras have been used. These will project the scenes in 3D, enlarging the captivating effect upon the viewers. More close-ups of the robots have been shot and the robots have been integrated with human-like expressions. A moodier use of lighting also used to add to the fine touches of scene impressions.

Almost all the characters are appearing with modifications, both in appearance and role. In creating a stronger impression of the characters, General Motors supplied cars with extra bright colours to make the Autobots look more attractive and impressive. Hasbro worked out the details of the robots designs.

The final scene of Transformer 2 has been made to look more impressive. According to Bay, the climax of Transformers 2007 was not dramatically effective, rather weak, and unimpressive. He also thought that the reason was the wide area taken to shot that scene; almost five different blocks' area of the city was covered to shoot the scene, which made it confusing and difficult to grip. That is the reason the climax has been limited to Pyramids.

It seems that the filming job has reached to its highest levels with the production of Transformers 2. It is not wrong if we say that Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg have worked in the most accurate way to produce the most remarkable film of present times. Original F-16 Fighting Falcon and tank fires have been utilised to make the scenes closer to reality. Everything has been extensively worked out to leave a flawless impression making the filming of Transformers 2 just perfect.

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The Filming of Transformers 2

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