Writing a Kissing Scene Well

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Kissing is a very romantic thing, and well should be phrased correctly when you go to write a scene which has kissing in it. Never feel that you should leave less attention to detail when it comes to a kissing scene. In fact more detail as long as it isn't raunchy is the best policy.

But it's not only the kiss that you need to be detailed about, you should describe the setting as well. Where are they when they go to kiss, what do they look like, how do they smell. All those things should be placed into your scene.

With all these details lending to the sensual kissing scene you will have created so much more than just a kissing scene. But possibly a well scripted mini-romance almost. Remember with the detail you should be creative in how you explain things.

Once it was phrased to me, "don't use the normal", the usual remarks that everyone uses to describes things. Like "her kiss was sweeter than honey", it's used so much, it's almost overused. Think of another way to put the way her kiss tasted or was like.

A great way to do a kissing scene is think of how you would like to be kissed. Than write it out step by step of how the kiss is done, and how it feels, and the emotions that you get from the kiss. You will most likely have to revise a bit but still. Your dream kiss could be your answer to your kissing scene.

Finally, it's really important that you try to create a kissing scene that will make people want to feel the same thing. That's why the step by step approach will work, try this on for size. "He leaned in to her, smelling the scent of her skin, a tinge of jasmine touched his nose. Feeling the soft pressure that had her lips pressed on his, the tingling of reaction from his body glided up. Making his body warm, and taunt, ready to pursue her more. But yet he lingered lightly as he knew she was more demur, letting the grasp his lips had on hers lighten. Breaking the kiss, he heard her sigh and knew he had her." See how that works. Be creative on your scenes when kissing is involved.

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Writing a Kissing Scene Well

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This article was published on 2010/03/31